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Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1: Submit an assigment
short answer: 3 days
long answer: When you fill in your data and assignment, you have the option to select the deadline from a drop-down menu. You can choose one of the deadline options, ranging from three to fourteen days. If your deadline is shorter than three days, please leave a notice in the comments.
short answer: ALL.
long answer: We cover all math topics, from high school up to a PhD. Apart from classical math, we also do statistics, applied mathematics, economic models, and similar.
short answer: No.
long answer: No, our staff does not provide online tutoring because we specialize in handwritten homework assignments.
short answer: NO.
long answer: No, we do not provide help with online exams, only with homework tasks. We consider doing your exams as cheating.
short answer: NO.
long answer: You can send a question and receive the solution using only your email address.
Step 2: Making a payment
short answer: 90% of our costs range between $2 and $20.
long answer: The price depends on several factors, like your academic level, the number of questions, and the deadline by which we have to complete the assignment.
short answer: We only accept PayPal payments.
long answer: PayPal offers a secure and convenient platform for financial transactions between businesses and customers. It is the most secure and user-friendly payment mechanism for customers and company owners.
short answer: 3 to 12 hours.
short answer: YES
long answer:The discount for our regular customers is up to 30%.
Step 3: Get the solution
short answer: pdf, doc, jpg, png
long answer:The format depends on your preferences. It can be handwritem on typed in Microsoft Word or pdf.
short answer: TODO
long answer: In that case we weel refund you whole amount you paid..